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How does your exploding Target Differ From Others?

We use only the best ingredients as well as have the best bang for the buck in price and performance. The product is made with the vision of a US Marine Combat Engineer ( demolitions expert ) with 26 years of experience in all types of high explosives as well as improvised explosives . The mission is not only to provide the end user with a top tier product but also superior explosive decibels that out perform the competition.

What are Binary Explosives?

Binary exploding targets or kits are nothing more than an oxidizer like ammonium nitrate and  a fuel such as aluminum or other metal.
Separately, the ATF does not regulate the sale and distribution of these component chemicals, even when sold together in binary target kits. However, when the binary components are combined, the resulting mixture is an explosive material subject to the regulatory requirements found in 27 CFR, Part 555. Further, mixing the binary components together constitutes manufacturing explosives. Persons manufacturing explosives such as binary targets for their own personal, non business use only are not required to have a federal explosives license or permit. DO NOT TRANSPORT ONCE MIXED!!!!

Are Acme Exploding Target Legal?

A: Yes! Acme Exploding Targets are legal to have and use in 48 states as long as you follow federal guidelines.  Sorry California and Maryland… You guys voted wrong and can no longer have fun with any binary explosives. As a consumer we ask that you be a good American and notify local law enforcement before detonation when possible. It helps then when people call in after hearing th blast. Better to be proactive than reactive.

Ok, I’m in. How do I use Acme Targets?

Simple and easy to use. Open the silver packet and pour into the jar. Shake vigorously until the components are mixed and uniformly gray in color. There should be no white balls visible. This product can only be detonated by a high velocity rifle round in excess of 2200 fps such as .223, 22-250, 308, 270, 30-06, 300 WM and the like.
When using the bulk exploding targets, use only plastic or cardboard. All other materials will cause shrapnel and will cause harm and damage. Please use wisely!
Store targets in at room temperature with no moisture. If stored properly, these will last for many years.
Safety is paramount when using this product. Be a minimum of 100 yards away, do not put on top, beside, under or next to any debris. When these go off, there is a 360 degree explosive burst. Place on dirt or grass only with no shrapnel near the exploding target. Do not use near flammables. Use only in a open field with secure barrier. Rifle rounds go through this explosive so know what’s beyond your target. Please use common sense. Must  be 21 to purchase with no criminal record.


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